Zion Baptist Church

We have been fortunate in finding a complete record of this Church. On November 13, 1859, Elders I. R. Allen, John G. Howard, and J. P. Ellis constituted the Church out of members who had been dismissed from Macedonia and Pleasant Grove Churches for that purpose. The names of the constituent members were as follows:

  • Jeremiah Yewell
  • John Yewell
  • Helena Robinson
  • Sofronia Stone
  • Albina Montgomery
  • Franklin Yewell
  • Mary E. Yewell
  • Nancy J. Robinson
  • Laura A. May
  • James Yewell
  • Boswell Robinson
  • James Stone
  • Sarah H. Ware


A new brick house of worship had been erected about four miles from Owensboro on the Hartford-Owensboro road. The cost of the new building was placed at $1,200. This building was used by the Church during her entire history. A cemetery adjacent to the Church lot is all that is left at present. The building was torn down some years ago.
From the time of her organization to her extinction the Church was served by the following pastors and clerks:


Pastor Years
John G. Howard 1859-1861
A. B. Smith 1862-1863
D. E. Yeiser 1863-1867
W. H. Dawson 1867
J. P. Ellis 1867-1869
William Head 1869-1870
D. E. Yeiser 1870-1876


Clerk Years
J. B. Stone 1859-1861
Franklin Yewell 1861-1867
Jerry Small 1868
W. P. Small 1869-1873
J. Y. Small 1874-1877
E. T. Berry 1878-1888

From the year 1876 to the year 1888 the Church reached a low ebb and it was despaired of her ever recovering. After 1883 no report was made to the Association and the name of the Church was dropped from the roll in 1886.

In December, 1888, a meeting was called to grant letters and to disband the Church. As no letters were called for it seemed to be the desire of the Church to continue but for a time she could not secure a pastor. Finally in the early part of 1890 Elder E. H. Maddox began to serve the Church regularly and with the assistance of Elder B. Y. Cundiff and the Mission Board rehabilitated the work. On March 29, 1891, a reorganization was brought about by Elders E. H. Maddox and B. F. Swindler on 35 members. A manifest revival of the work ensued as new life was infused into the Church. After her second organization she was served by the following pastors and clerks:


Pastor Years
E. T. Maddox 1891-1895
F. W. Whittenbraker 1896-1898
J. J. Cloar 1898-1900
E. H. Maddox 1901-1903
J. D. Hocker 1903-1905
Norris Lashbrook 1905-1906


Clerk Years
W. W. Lewis 1891-1897
C. C. Hubbard 1898-1900
Mrs. P. V. Pardon 1901
W. E. Berry 1902-1906

The Church last reported to the Association in 1906 and in 1907 her name was omitted from the list of Churches. After this there is absolute silence. No doubt she dissolved and lettered off her members to other Churches. During her history of about 50 years she received 125 persons into her fellowship by baptism and 105 by letter. She dismissed 124 by letter, excluded 11, and there are 35 deaths reported. No doubt there are many still living who were baptized into her fellowship upon a profession of faith. Her highest membership under the second constitution was 80 in 1897.

The old record book of this Church is very unique in that it gives the names of all who died while members of the Church and in most instances the cause of their death. This ranged from congestion to heart disease to erysipelas to typhoid fever. The death of her pastor, Elder E. J. Maddox, on September 16, 1895, of typhoid fever is recorded.

From first to last this church was served by the following deacons with the year they were ordained or recognized by the Church: James F. Yewell and Moses P. Fuqua in 1860; Richard Small in 1861; James M. Yewell in 1863; John Yewell and Nester Leaman in 1867; Frank Mayfield and E. T. Berry in 1878; W. J. Bennett and James Bottorf in 1891; M. H. Coons in 1896.

No doubt her close proximity to Owensboro and other sister Churches limited her field of labor to such an extent that she could not expand to any degree. According to financial and numerical ability she proved her worth in supporting all the benevolent work of the denomination. It is a sad commentary that she came to an untimely end. The old pulpit stand from this church has been in the possession of and has been used by the Seven Hills Church in Owensboro since 1910.

Source: A History of the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association in Kentucky, 1844-1943. Wendell H. Rone, Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, 1944.