Turner, Archelaus Ewing

Turner, Archelaus Ewing: President Waynesburg College; lecturer; born near Greenville, Bond County, Ill., April 27, 1861; was graduated from Lincoln College in 1881, receiving degree of A. B.; principal of Ashmore, Ill., Seminary until 1884; that year he received from his Alma Mater the degree of M. A. In 1884 he was Superintendent of the Oakland, Ill., schools, and soon after was appointed tutor in Lincoln College, and in 1885 Professor of Natural Science. Member of the corporation and Professor of Geology and Mineralogy in Martha’s Vineyard Summer Institute at Cottage City, Mass., 1886-1888; 1888-1900, President of Lincoln College; since 1900, President of Waynesburg College. Identified with National Educational Association, the Middle States Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools, Pennsylvania Educational Association and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Member of the Committee on Federation and Union, appointed by the Cumberland Presbyterian Assembly to confer with a similar committee of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. Grove City College conferred upon him the degree of Sc. D. in June 1903, and Ph. D. was given him by his Alma Mater. Address, Owensboro, Ky.

Source: Who’s Who in Pennsylvania, Edited By Lewis R. Hamersly, L. R. Hamersly Company, New York City, 1904