Riggs, Fred

“Dr. Jess Moody, of Van Nyes, California, told a story of a man named Fred Riggs, an old electrician, from Owensboro. He said that he believed that God had incarnated Himself into Fred’s life in order to win fourteen-year-old boys. He won everyone of them in his class. He would let one of the boys teach the class. Dr. Moody said that he was preaching on a Sunday morning several years later and a sixteen-year-old boy came down the aisle and said that he believed that God had called him to preach. He said, “I am surrendering my heart to preach.” Dr. Moody said he looked at the boy and thought that the boy didn’t know what he was doing — didn’t understand what he was doing. But, he said, ‘Today, there are men preaching all over who surrendered their hearts and lives to the Lord simply because Fred Riggs with a sixth grade education was God’s tool and God used him.”

Source: 1991 Annual Sermon, Reverend Raymond Byrd, Pastor Hick’s Grove Baptist Church, Mooresboro, Sandy Run Baptist Association North Carolina 102nd Annual Session, October 29, 1991 .