Registered Distillery #9 aka J W McCullough

#9 The J W McCullough

John W McCullough (McCulloch) was originally a gauger in the employ of Internal Revenue and had worked at the Green River distillery. He purchased it in 1888. Information from insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 suggest that the distillery was then new and located 1 mile west of Owensboro and had a single frame warehouse with a metal or slate roof, 150 ft south of the still. The south end of the warehouse was identified as being free. In 1900, McCullough incorporated as the Green River Distilling Co., with offices in Owensboro, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Chicago. The distillery burned in 1918 but was rebuilt and continued operations for a short time in 1937 (after Repeal). Green River was orginally marketed as being “The Whiskey Without a Headache”. After Repeal, this changed to “The Whiskey Without Regrets” to conform to more stringent laws on advertising, thereby providing a way of identifying the many modern artifacts (trays, signs etc) that survive from this time.

Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for The J W McCulloch Distillery as follows:

1898: J W McCulloch — D, T, G, W

1901: J W McCulloch — D, T, E, X, B, S, G, W

1903: J W McCulloch — D, T, E, S, X, B, G, W

1904: J W McCulloch — T, E, S, G, B, W

1904: Green River Dist. Co. — D, W

1914: Green River Distg. Co. — no details given

D – Spirits were deposited in the warehouse

T – Spirits were withdrawn upon payment of tax

S – Spirits were withdrawn for scientific purposes or for the use of the United States

E – Spirits were withdrawn for export

X – Spirits were withdrawn for bottling in bond for export

B – Spirits were withdrawn upon payment of the tax for bottling in bond

G – Spirits were withdrawn for transfer to general bonded warehouses

W – Spirits remained in the warehouse at the close of the year