Registered Distillery #17 aka Sour Mash


Information from insurance underwriter records compiled in 1892 suggest that the distillery was frame construction. The property included several warehouses plus a cattle barn: Bonded warehouse “No. 17” is identified as being frame block with a composition roof, located 100 ft south of the still. “No. 17B” was 300 ft SE of the still and was iron-clad with a metal or slate roof. It was part free. “Warehouse A” was also part free. It was frame with a shingle roof and 225 ft east of the still. “Free A” was 300 ft east with a 4-inch brick veneer and a metal or slate roof. A fifth warehouse was identified as being owned by F Westheimer & Son. It was iron-clad with a metal or slate roof and located 6 ft west of Warehouse A (200 ft east of the still). In 1892, the distillery was being run by the Sour Mash Distilling Co.

This distillery provided product that was sold under the following aliases:

1892: P E Payne, Owensboro, KY

1892: Queen Distilling Co.

1892: H Gehner Distilling Co., St. Louis, MO

1892: Ferdinand Westheimer & Son, St. Joseph, MO

Internal Revenue recorded warehouse transactions for this distillery as follows: 1898: Sour Mash Dist. Co. — D, T, E, G, B, W

1901: Sour Mash Dist’g Co. — T, G, B, W

1903: Sour Mash Dist. Co. — T, G, B, W

1904: Sour Mash Dist. Co. — T, W

1914: John Oldham — no details given

D – Spirits were deposited in the warehouse

T – Spirits were withdrawn upon payment of tax

E – Spirits were withdrawn for export

B – Spirits were withdrawn upon payment of the tax for bottling in bond

G – Spirits were withdrawn for transfer to general bonded warehouses

W – Spirits remained in the warehouse at the close of the year