Maceo Baptist Church

This Church was organized as the result of the labors of Elder W. H. Dawson at Powers Station (Maceo) on April 2, 1904, with five constituent members who had been dismissed from the fellowship of the Yelvington Church for that purpose. The little Church experienced a slow growth at first and did not unite with the Association until August, 1906, when the membership numbered forty-four. As the name of the railroad station and post office had been changed to Maceo the name of the Church was also changed from Powers to Maceo.

A house of worship was completed in the village of Maceo and the dedicatory sermon was preached by Elder T. N. Compton on August 27, 1905. As to the names of the charter members of this Church we will probably never know because the first records of the organization up to February, 1906, are missing. Brother B. W. Hawes was probably the first deacon of the Church and was later assisted in this office by Brother Griffin Kelley. Both were probably constituent members.

The Church has had but one house of worship during her history. In the year 1936 the Sunday School annex was completed and dedicated at a cost of about $1,600.00. This annex was dedicated on September 20, 1936, with the pastor, Robert E. Lee, Revs. W. S. Coakley, J. B. Leavell, George D. Parks, Brother B. S. Jenkins, and Judge George S. Wilson taking part on the program.

Since the date of organization to the present time the Church has been served by the following pastors and clerk:


Pastor Years
W. H. Dawson 1904-1908
E. O. Cottrell 1908-1912
A. N. Couch 1912-1916
E. O. Cottrell 1916
Norris Lashbrook 1917-1921
E. N. Perry 1921-1924
George D. Park 1925-1929
J. H. Foster 1930
C. E. Baucom 1930-1932
Robert E. Lee 1933-1939
B. B. Sawyer 1940-1942
W. L. Yeldell 1942-1943


Clerk Years
G. B. Hawes 1904-1943

This Church is seen to have had but one clerk in her entire thirty-nine years of history. This is a unique record in itself. The pastorates of Revs. Dawson, Cottrell, Park and Lee have been outstanding in the history of the Church.

Benjamin W. Hawes, Griffin Kelley, Sidney Nash, William Kelley, F. W. Robinson, Welsh Robinson, G. B. Hawes, E. L. Lyons, and perhaps others of whom we are not informed have served this Church well in the office of deacon.

This Church has maintained a Sunday School since her organization and the effectiveness of this agency in teaching the Word of God has borne much fruit in the lives of the membership. The work of the Baptist Training Union and the Women’s Missionary Society has been fostered by the Church since about the year 1928. Both of these auxiliaries have been helpful assets to the Church in her work.

The Church is at present enjoying one of the most fruitful periods of her history both from a financial and numerical standpoint. The membership now numbers about 210 and has reached as high as 225 on one other occasion. Her field is limited because of the proximity of other Baptist churches but there is still an opportunity for a greater growth. The Church has never been disturbed to any extent by strife and divisions in her membership and has maintained a healthy and strong doctrinal stand all during her history. Since the Church is younger than many of the Churches in the Association her history is not as extensive in scope but it is glorious just the same.

Source: A History of the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association in Kentucky, 1844-1943. Wendell H. Rone, Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, 1944.