Jackson, J. A.

J. A. JACKSON, Pilot Point, Tex.— Born near Owensboro, Ky. Enlisted in the Confederate Army June, 1861, in Bollivar County, Mississippi, as Sergeant in Company A, Twentieth Mississippi Infantry, Adam’s Brigade, Loring’s Division, Stewart’s Corps, Army of Tennessee. Brown, first. Captain, and Dan Russel, first Colonel.

Was taken prisoner in front of Nashville in December, 1864, and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio. Was in the battles of Fort Donelson, Baker’s Creek, Two Days’ Fight in Front of Nashville and Peachtree Creek, in front of Atlanta, Ga.

Source: Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray 1861-1865, compiled by Mamie Yeary, Smith & Lamar Publishing House, Dallas, TX, 1912