Griffith Baptist Church

This Church is located about six miles west of Owensboro and was organized on January 15, 1922, at the call of the people of Griffith to consider the advisability of organizing a Baptist Church at the above place. Elders B. F. Jenkins, J. T. Daugherty, and Brethren from Walnut Street Church in Owensboro, together with Brother J. D. Hall, a licentiate of the Island Baptist Church, formed the council of recognition.

The following members went into the constitution of the Church and thus became the nucleus around which the Church began to grow and function in Kingdom usefulness: Boss Arnold, Nettie Keeton, Irene Quinn, Ora Young, Chester Gray, F. C. Quinn, Charles Young, Daisy Young, Henry Keeton, Ernest Quinn, George Young, and George Kirk. Four more persons were received under the watchcare of the Church and one by letter during the day. The membership soon numbered seventeen.

Brother George Birk was elected as the first Moderator of the Church and Brother F. C. Quinn as the first Clerk. Brother J. D. Hall was asked to supply the pulpit until a pastor could be secured.

The work began very slowly and it was not until the following August that Brother Hall was called as the first pastor. He continued to serve in this capacity until the last part of 1924. Since that time the Church has been served by the following brethren:


Pastors Years
William Varble 1925
J. C. Craig 1926-1927
J. D. Hall 1928-1932
Frank Farmer 1932-1936
J. D. Hall 1936-1939
F. L. Walker 1940
Virgil A. Polk since March, 1941

During some of the periods mentioned above the Church was without a pastor and the minutes are far from being clear and complete on the subject. In fact there are places where the minutes skip as much as eight months at a time.

The following Clerks have served the Church since the organization:


Clerks Years
F. C. Quinn 1922-1926
Chester Gray 1926-1928
J. D. Saalwachter 1929-1932
George Young 1932-1938
Mrs. M. W. Baskett 1938-1939
Mary F. Hester 1939 to present

Brethren B. F. Gray and George Young were ordained as the first deacons of the Church with Brethren Cleve Quinn, Ernest Quinn, and B. F. Gray as the trustees of the Church property. The Church purchased the building in which she worshipped from Brother B. F. Gray. This building was erected a number of years prior to this time perhaps but we are not informed who used it as a House of Worship.

For some time the Church was at half-time after September, 1928, with the Mission Board assisting in paying the pastor. In fact the Church during most of her history has been assisted by the Associational Mission Board. Since the incumbency of the present pastor she has been self-supporting. The Church has never been strong numerically or financially and has occupied a limited territory as she is not very many miles from Stanley, Pleasant Grove, and the Owensboro Churches. Since 1922 she has been a member of the Associational group of Churches.

Source: A History of the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association in Kentucky, 1844-1943. Wendell H. Rone, Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, 1944.