Curdsville Baptist Church

Our information concerning this Church is very meager as the records are lost. The organization of the Church was the outgrowth of the mis­sionary labors of Elders A. B. Smith and D. E. Yeiser and was constituted in the early part of the year 1869 by the above mentioned brethren on twenty-four members. Of this number we note that twelve were colored members. As this was after the Civil War it is hard to understand why the colored members were a part of the congregation. A possible explana­tion may be given in that there was no colored Baptist Church in the imme­diate vicinity. The Church was organized in the old Pleasant Hill (Knob Lick) Cumberland Presbyterian house of worship and first took the name of “Green River” Baptist Church. The Church later moved to the town of Curdsville and wor­shipped in the “Union” house of wor­ship with other denominations until her own house of worship was completed about the year 1875. This first house of worship proved insufficient for the congregation and by the year 1886 a second house of worship was completed and entered. This is the present building used by the Church and it is in a good state of repair.

After the erection of the first house of worship, in 1875, the Church changed her name to “Curdsville” Baptist Church by which she is still known. Soon after the organization of the Church she became a member of the Daviess County Association and her membership has continued with this body to the present time. She has never entertained the Association at any time during her history.

Since the time that she became a regular organized Baptist Church the Church has been served by the following pastors and clerks:


 Pastors  Years
A. B. Smith 1869-1870
D. E. Yeiser 1871-1878
L. C. Tichenor 1879-1882
T. L. Brooks 1883-1884
B. F. Swindler 1885-1887
E. H. Maddox 1888-1889
C. W. Freeman 1890-1891
L. C. Tichenor 1892-1893
J. C. Craig 1894-1897
W. H. Bell 1898-1899
J. C. Craig 1900-1902
C. J.  Buner 1903-1904
C. S. Maddox 1905
Norris Lashbrook 1906-1908
E. S. Jordon 1909
J. C.  Craig 1910-1913
J. J. Willett 1914
H. S. Wiggington 1915
J. C. Craig 1916-1917
Frank Farmer 1918-1920
J. H. Chissom 1921
Norris Lashbrook 1922
W. W. Schwerdtfeger 1923-1925
Frank Farmer 1926
B. F. Waite 1927
R. E. Gregory 1927-1933
Marshall Conway 1934-1938
Wendell H. Rone 1939
Marshall Conway 1939-1941
None 1941-1942
James A. McCamish 1942-1943


Clerk  Years
W. T. Lee 1869-1874
W. A. Bethel 1875-1877
H. C. McDonald 1878-1896
F. S. Shockley 1897-1900
H. C. McDonald 1901-1907
C. E. Weldon 1908-1909
Sallie Willingham 1910
Etta Thompson 1911-1912
E. B. Osborne 1913-1921
Algah Osborne 1922-1926
Mae Osborne 1927
Geneva Allen 1928
Ruth Shockley 1929
Ruby Basham 1930-1933
Dan Fisher 1934-1936
Charles Hundley 1937-1943

Brethren W. T. Lee and R. W. Goode were the first deacons of the Church. H. H. McKain served in this office for years. H. C. McDonald and G. A. Likens were also ordained to this office. Brethren A. T. Smock, E. B. Osborne, Zollie Demon, Algah Osborne, Joe McDonald, Elza Berry, Stanley Moss, Dan Fisher, Harry Frey, and Charles Hundley have served in this office since the year 1915. During the pastorate of Pastor R. E. Gregory the Church enjoyed half-time preaching with the assistance of the District Mission Board.

A Sunday School has functioned almost regularly since the year 1886 and a Young People’s Organization functioned for a while after 1927. The Church has never been strong numerically as she is surrounded by a Catholic community and her usefulness has been limited. The member­ship at present is about the highest in the history of the Church -121- but her opportunities of growth are still good to some extent. From a financial standpoint the church is enjoying the best years of her entire history at present and the harmony is exceptionally good. There is a great need for a Baptist Church in the town of Curdsville and this little Church is doing her part to meet that need. Her history has been one of struggle against difficulties but has been glorious. The Church recently adopted full-time preaching.

Source: A History of the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association in Kentucky, 1844-1943. Wendell H. Rone, Messenger Job Printing Co., Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky, 1944.