Buckner, Rev. Robert Cook

Robert Cook Buckner, a son of Elder Daniel Buckner, a younger brother of the distinguished Indian missionary, Henry F. Buckner, was born in Madisonville, Monroe Co., Tenn., Jan. 3, 1833. In his sixth year, he was brought by his parents, to Pulaski county, Ky. He became interested about the salvation of his soul, at the age of nine years; and, in his 12th year, professed conversion, and was baptized by his father, into the fellowship of Somerset church. At the age of 17 he was licensed to preach, after which he spent two years in Georgetown College. At the age of about 20 years, he was chosen pastor of the church at Albany, Clinton Co., Ky, Here, at the age of 22, he married Miss Long, and soon afterwards took charge of Owensboro church. After two years he was appointed agent of the Board of Domestic Missions, and 1 year later, took pastoral charge of Salvisa church, in Mercer county.

In 1859, he visited Texas for the purpose of recruiting his health, after an attack of typhoid pneumonia. This visit led to his removing to Texas. His first labor in that State, was the raising of money to build a high school in Ladonia. Meanwhile, he published a small work on infant baptism, titled “The absence of Divine Testimony.” In 1860, he took charge of the church at Paris, Texas. In this position, he ministered till 1873, except one year, during which he was Agent of the General Association of Texas Baptists. On the 3d of January, 1874, he began the publication of the Religious Messenger. A year later, he changed the place of publication, from Paris to Dallas, and subsequently changed the name of his paper to Texas Baptist, the publication of which he has continued to the present time (1885).

Source: A history of Kentucky Baptists: from 1769 to 1885, Vol. 2. John H. Spencer, Cincinnati, 1886