Brown’s Valley Post Office

Another Owensboro and Nashville station, 2 ½ miles north of Utica-Lewis Station (where US 431 crosses the tracks) was variously called Hickman, Crow, and Crow-Hickman Station, honoring Joshua G. Crow and Dr. W. A. Hickman who were in­strumental in getting the railroad through their properties. On June 9, 1887 carpenter and storekeeper Orville O. Brown established the local post office which he named Browns Valley. This closed in Oct. 1933.

Source: The Post Offices of Daviess County, Kentucky, Robert M. Rennick, Names 41.4 (December 1993) :314-333, The American Name Society

Browns Valley 
Year of compensation
Orville O. BrownJune 9,1887
John W. MahanSeptember 9,1897
Martin KnottNovember 17,1898
Charles L. HallFebruary 11, 1903
Hilary O. KnottNovember 17, 1924
Discontinued to UticaOctober 6, 1933

Postmasters and appointment dates – Source: United States Post Office Records

Compensation and dates – Source: Official Register of The United States for years listed