Echoes of Elmwood

May 29, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – May 30, 2015 @ 10:00 pm
Elmwood Cemetery
1300 Old Hartford Road
Owensboro, KY 42303

Echoes of Elmwood 2015 will be held on May 29th and 30th

at 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. each evening.

These performances will all be tent shows.

Tickets are $15 per person and will go on sale the first of April. Groups of ten or more receive a 10% discount.


The characters to be featured (2010 Voices of Elmwood cast) are:


Major Benjamin Duncan: Served as Daviess County Deputy Sheriff for many years. He recalls the story of his father, Squire Ben Duncan, and how he dealt with the events surrounding Yellow Banks’ first murder trial.


Mary Neel: The mother of Beulah Mae Sheriff, also known as Roxi Hart!


Algernon Thruston: A restless young lawyer, Thruston gathered a group of men and headed south as trouble began brewing between Texas and Mexico….


James Hickman: A former Mayor of Owensboro, Hickman was responsible for paving the streets of Owensboro and for developing its extensive park system.


A.J. Courtney: The “unofficial” mayor or Huntersville ( a section of Owensboro in the Breckenridge Street area) Courtney was the inventor of a brew known as “Courtnery’s Mule”….because sit had a “kick to it!”


Doctor Pretty Eagle: He traveled the country, winning people over with his eloquent ways and “special” medicines, but was shunned as a member of the Cherokee Tribe when he married the woman he loved.

Etta Shreve: She was disowned by her family when she married the man she loved. Etta outlived him and raised the child he never met…


Benjamin Field: Ben Field was caught up in the War Between the States, keeping an extensive diary of his days spent  in service.


James Weir: At the time of his death, James Weir held the distinction of having served as a bank president longer than any many in the United States – 43 years at the National Deposit Bank, now known as BB&T.


Colin Milne: Scotsman Colin Milne retired to Owensboro after many years as a lithographer…..and became the first caretaker of the new Elmwood Cemetery!


Ruby Beale Sheehan: The darling of the Owensboro High School “Red Angels” Volleyball Team, Ruby married the dashing Frank Sheehan, head of a successful and growing airplane company in Owensboro.